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3 or 5 days – This course is available in two flavours: Enterprise (Business), or Indie (Games)

An course for students with experience of at least one OOP programming language.  The course utilises Java and the native Android SDK to develop applications for Android devices. Starting with first principles, android layouts and standard user interface components.  We progress to list-based applications, tabbed pages, services, threading, intents, sensors and notifications.


3 or 5 days – This course is available in two flavours: Enterprise (Business), or Indie (Games)

Developing native iPhone applications in Objective-C.  This course includes the following topics:  Object-C syntax and memory management. Using XCode and Interface Builder, outlets and actions. Building view based, tab based and list based applications. Connecting with web services, etc. It progresses to advanced topics such as XML parsing, Threads, Core Graphics, and Core Data.  This course is very hands-on and practical, replete with exercises that guide the trainees through writing their own apps.


AdobeAIR Enterprise

3 or 5 days

Adobe AIR is a versatile and powerful mobile technology.  Out of all of the cross-platform alternatives, AIR is a powerful choice based on its ease of use, rapid speed of development, scalability to more sophisticated apps, and powerful UI experience.


3 or 5 days

RhoMobile is a powerful cross-platform mobile technology for enterprise apps based on HTML5, and Ruby open standards.  The course starts with an introduction to HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery Mobile frameworks.  We introduce RhoElements, Pure Web Apps, and Native Web Apps in RhoStudio.  Then the course progresses to Ruby Programming, MVC methodology, Native Apps, Rhom Models, RhoConnect, and advanced topics such as Native Extensions and Native Views.


3 days

Build mobile apps using HTML5, and CSS3.  This course covers three techniques PhoneGap (Cordova), Appcelerator Titanium, and web apps in RhoMobile.  HTML5 isn’t the most powerful approach.  But the course will appeal to Web Developers operating within their comfort zone.


FlashPlatform Games

3 or 5 days

Flash Platform development is favoured by top social games companies such as Rovio (Angry Birds), and Zynga.  This course takes a pure-actionscript approach to developing multimedia, entertainment and games for the browser, and mobile Adobe AIR apps.  This course is right up-to-date with coverage of new features such as Stage3D, AGAL Shaders, Starling, Native Extensions, and FlasCC.


3 or 5 days

A practical course for developing Marmalade SDK apps.  A professional high-end C++ based technology that has been used to create some very high profile top-selling games for the iPhone app store, by big players such as Activision, NaturalMotion, and EA Mobile.

The five day MarmaladeSDK course is intensive, and suitable for very experienced developers.  (Although no prior experience of C++, or mobile development is required).  It goes into more depth in most areas, and also covers OpenGL, Shaders, and also Artificial Intelligence techniques for games.


2 days

An introduction to Marmalade Quick., the Lua scripted approach for rapid and easy development of 2D Marmalade SDK games.



MarmaladeQuick 2 day + MarmaladeSDK 3 day

A five day course for developing 2D and 3D Games for MarmaladeSDK in Lua and C++.  This course is less intensive than the five day MarmaladeSDK course, and suitable for novice developers.  Yet it still teaches all the skills required to build powerful Marmalade games.


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  1. cole / Jul 21 2011 10:49 pm

    can i have more information on the courses?

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