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October 13, 2014 / Daniel Freeman

MadComponents 0.8 Released

MadComponent128exThe long-awaited milestone release is out now!  MadComponents 0.8 / ExtendedMadness 0.3 includes more datagrids, tables, faster custom list renderer, and better support for images matched to screen density.

The source code is still hosted on GoogleCode.  But since, the .swc libraries can’t be downloaded from there, we’re hosting on Github too.  The .swc libraries can be downloaded from Github.

Many of these new features have been discussed already.  (See previous posts, part1 and part2). A new datagrid component made its way into to the final cut.  UISimpleDataGrid subclasses the other datagrids.  It doesn’t have as many features, but it renders even faster than UIFastDataGrid.  And, just like the other datagrids, it is optimised for mobile screens.  UISimpleDataGrid achieves its speed by rendering all grid cells within a single TextField.  Text items separated by newlines and tabs.  Of course, this means that there are some restrictions on cell text formatting.  And no multiline or text-wrapped items.  But provided that you can work within those restrictions – rendering is very, very fast.  If these restrictions get in your way – then simply use UIFastDataGrid instead.  As the name suggests, it’s no slouch either. Here’s an example layout:

<simpleDataGrid id=”dataGrid” titleBarColour=”#333333″ background=”#333333,#FFFFFF,#CCCCFF”>
    <title><font color=”#FFFFFF” size=”18″/>Datagrid example</title>
    <headerFont face=”Arial” size=”16″ color=”#EEEEFF”/>
    <font face=”Arial” size=”13″ color=”#333333″/>

UISimpleDataGrid may be nested inside UIScrollDataGrids.  And UIScrollDataGrid has a new “datagrid” attribute. For example:

<scrollDataGrid datagrid=”simple”>
<scrollDataGrid datagrid=”fast”>
<scrollDataGrid datagrid=”special”>

Join The Community

For community discussions about MadComponents, and to download the latest .swc libraries, come and join the facebook page:-

You may also be interested in the Stage3D Facebook group:
There’s an introductory video to MadComponents here:
Please blog and tweet about this project (#MadComponents) and help to spread the word. Also, don’t forget to leave a “star”, or “g + 1″ recommendation on the Google Code site.  Also, help promote the new Github repository.

To discuss MadComponents/MC3D, join the Facebook group!

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