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April 12, 2013 / Daniel Freeman

Announcements: ACP now, Stage3D Online Workshops, MadComponents

Adobe Community Professional

I’m now an Adobe Community Professional.   Geographically, I’m based predominantly in SE Asia and China.  My online community presence is mostly channeled through the Facebook MadComponents Group.

I’m always up for conference presentations, workshops, training, and demos related to the Flash Platform, Adobe AIR, Cross-Platform mobile development, Stage3D, etc.  So if anyone needs a speaker at an event – then get in touch.

For more information about me – visit my website.


Stage3D Workshop

Later today (depending on your time zone), I’ll be taking part in the first online Stage3D workshop.  The event is organised by Sergey Gonchar and the Stage3D Community.

You can join the event here.

It looks like there’s going to be some great stuff demoed at the event.  Hope to see you there.

I like Adobe AIR, and I like Stage3D because they’re exciting technologies.   Casting aside all of the mixed messages, uncertainty and FUD that surrounds the Flash Platform nowadays, it’s worth recounting that Adobe AIR is STILL a unique and powerful option for many mobile and browser use-cases.  The Adobe AIR development team are still working hard to make each release more capable than the last.  And the Flash Platform community keep finding new ways of creating spectacular experiences with the technology.



The popular MadComponents (+ ExtendedMadness) frameworks are about to get a new lease of life.  I’ve recently been commissioned to develop a mobile app (which I can’t talk about yet), but I’m basing it on MadComponents.  As the project will embody a lot of customised UI / UX  design – this is going to result in a lot of improvements to MadComponents, and some great new components too.  Watch this space, and join the Facebook MadComponents Group.

There’s an introductory video to MadComponents here:

If you like MadComponents, don’t forget to leave a “star”, or “g + 1″ recommendation on the Google Code site.


To discuss MadComponents/MC3D, join the Facebook group!

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