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March 15, 2011 / Daniel Freeman

Maxis Clinics 19th and 26th March

I’m going to be running some more public workshops and courses.  (Make sure you read the complete details below).

19th March: Adobe AIR for Mobile + Maxis Clinic (1 day) FREE!

21st March: Native iPhone application development (5 days)

26th March: Airplay SDK FREE (1 day) + Maxis Clinic FREE!

28th March: Android Development (5 days)


Sponsored by Maxis 1store, and the Maxis DevelopThe Maxis clinics will be held at TPM.

SAGE Interactive Sdn Bhd
2-1 Incubator 2,
Technology Park Malaysia,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,

It’s essential to let us know if you’re coming.  You’ll need to be prepared with installed software.

For the Adobe AIR clinic, you’ll need to install ANY Flash IDE such as  Flash, Flex (Flash Builder), AXDT, SEPY, or Flash Develop.  The Adobe IDEs are available as time-limited trials, the non-Adobe IDEs are free.

For the AirPlaySDK clinic, sign-up for a free iPhone developer license and download the free SDK at: .  You’ll also need XCode (Mac), or Visual Studio (PC) to develop C++.

For Flash or Flex go to Adobe’s website

To install AXDT see:

To install Flash Develop see:

It doesnʼt matter which environment you use.  The workshop focusses on ActionScript development, not the finer details of the IDE.   For free IDEs, I prefer AXDT because it’s based on Eclipse, and runs on the Mac.  But I am also likely to present examples using Adobe Flex. PC users are likely to prefer Flash Develop, which is more mature and has more powerful features than AXDT.  But make sure you know how to drive it – as it’s PC only and I’ve never used it.

You might also want to get hold of Adobe’s open-source command-line tools:-

Download from

Sign up and download Air for Android runtime from:

Download adobe pfi:


If you come by car, please do not park your car by the roadside or any parking bays along the buildings (these bays are all reserved parking) and TPM charges RM50 for releasing wheel clamps on offending vehicles. They  are very efficient in clamping cars. Please park your car at the open car park area on the south side of Incubator 2, parking fee is RM5 per entry.

Google maps location:-,101.613804&sspn=0.089142,0.128059&ie=UTF8&hl=en&view=map&f=d&daddr=Technology+Park+Malaysia,,+2-1+Incubator+2,,+57000+Bukit+Jalil,,+KUALA+LUMPUR,+Malaysia&geocode=CZA0R5s0sbT4Fbd9LgAd-K8PBiENrwjDLgnIVg&ved=0CBMQ_wY&sa=X


Obviously, the free Maxis workshops can only provide a taster.  For more thorough professional training in Adobe Air, AirplaySDK, ECMAScript for Mobile, Android Games, or iPhone development, contact

Ask about government-assisted grants for training.


The 5 day courses are hosted by infoTrek.


To discuss MadComponents/MC3D, join the Facebook group!

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