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September 10, 2010 / Daniel Freeman

Android Clinic on Tuesday at Sage

Our first Android clinic will be on Tuesday 14/9 at Sage at 10am.

SAGE Interactive Sdn Bhd
2-1 Incubator 2,
Technology Park Malaysia,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,

Please post any questions to THIS BLOG – BEFORE coming to the clinic, so I know what to expect, or possibly answer your queries online.

Let us know if you’re coming, our office is small and if too many of you are attending, we need to schedule time slots to minimize waiting time.

I’ve given Tuesday’s event a theme.  “Graphics, Animation, Gestures and Multitouch”.  I realise that (not surprisingly) many people want to incorporate these capabilities into their applications.  But only the participants in my batches covered these on the course.  But, you can ask questions not related to the theme too – provided I know about them in advance.

The Android Clinics and online support will be sponsored by the Maxis Developer Program.  When the project is fully up-to-speed, it’s likely that online support will move from here to be hosted on their site
If you come by car, please do not park your car by the roadside or any parking bays along the buildings (these bays are all reserved parking) and TPM charges RM50 for releasing wheel clamps on offending vehicles. They  are very efficient in clamping cars. Please park your car at the open car park area on the south side of Incubator 2, parking fee is RM5 per entry.

Google maps location:-,101.613804&sspn=0.089142,0.128059&ie=UTF8&hl=en&view=map&f=d&daddr=Technology+Park+Malaysia,,+2-1+Incubator+2,,+57000+Bukit+Jalil,,+KUALA+LUMPUR,+Malaysia&geocode=CZA0R5s0sbT4Fbd9LgAd-K8PBiENrwjDLgnIVg&ved=0CBMQ_wY&sa=X



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  1. jimmy6 / Sep 28 2010 3:51 am

    Introduce game library in android. library for 2d and 3d game.

    • Daniel Freeman / Sep 28 2010 4:11 am

      Gee!, what a great idea. I’m sure Dr Android would never have thought of that! *lol!*

      I’ll talk about some of the principles first. Movement, collision detection, tweening, physics, etc. Then I’ll talk about engines: libgdx, AndEngine (2D), Rokon (2D), and Unity (3D). In two hours I can’t go into heaps of detail, but enough to get people started.


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